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Russell Singleton DMD

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(856) 405-0101
1550 E Chestnut Ave
Vineland, NJ 08361-8476
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(856) 405-0101

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WARNING! If you choose to use PSI Islandscape Travel located in Winter Park, Florida for your travel needs...and "Robert" is assigned as your agent...look for DRAMA! DRAMA! DRAMA! He has no clue to the definition of the words tact,customer-service, or listen.I experienced a problem w/ Robert. He would not give me a name of his supervisor. He said that he is the general manager and there is no one above him. I will state my problem: I secured my travel w/ a credit card. Final payment..portion of payment made by PSI.. portion of payment made by Royal Carribean. Neither transaction was approved. Robert called to notify me that there was a problem w/ my card. I called the bank and let Robert hear that I had sufficent funds in my account. He advised me to call bank to find the problem and call him back. Bank rep discovered that original transactions were made on a temporary card issued by bank until new card came in the mail. Keep in mind both cards have the exact same card number...the only difference was.. expiration dates.Therefore transaction was not approved for security reasons only. Robert wanted to charge my account $15 additional dollars because of this error also another $15 dollars cause he called me the day after payment was attempted and stated that since problem was found after the deadline there would be a charge. He was angry because he had to explain the terms and conditions to me as well as refund policy and mentioned that he SHOULD charge me for taking up so much of his time. He started talking super fast and developed an attitude immediately.I could hardly get a word in. I continued to try and get someone else to handle this problem..he refused to give me anyone.I even asked for the phone number to Royal carribean..he told me that NO ONE would talk to me there either because they wouldn't have the code. I feel that this wasn't that big of a problem and could be solved without all of the stress and drama (strama). All I wanted was to get the $15 charge waived. That's all! I feel that payment was attempted early in the day,before the deadline, if it was a problem, why not call me that same day instead of the next day after the deadline? Oh yeah..this is my first cruise experience Signed Stressed-out by Robert

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(856) 692-4500

1450 E Chestnut Ave Building 5 Suite B Building 5 Ste B, Vineland, NJ 08361

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(856) 692-1514

727 E Landis Ave, Vineland, NJ 08360

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(856) 205-1154

1181 E Landis Ave Ste 4, Vineland, NJ 08360